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Course Overview

Construction Technology will allow you to become an asset in the Construction Industry. It will start with a prerequisite class that teaches the basics for the construction trade then Construction Technology which allows you to touch base with the majority of sections in the industry. With the guidance of our industry professionals, students will take a test at the end of each class to become
certified by the National Center for Construction Educations and Research (NCCER) which is recognized nationally in the United States.


Core class is a prerequisite class that is needed before continuing any construction specialty trade. This gives the basic knowledge from construction math, introduction to hand tools and power tools, introduction to drawings and basic materials handling. It teaches Basic safety precautions and prepares individuals how to avoid accidents that may possibly happen around the Construction Site. Also, employability and communication.

Construction Technology:

This class is formatted so that you are able to learn multiple crafts to succeed in the construction industry. This focuses on roof applications, exterior finishings, stair layouts, electrical safety, introduction to HVAC and Construction Equipment, Pipe Education, Masonry units and techniques, and Cabinet making and installations. This is a collection of innovative tools, equipment and machinery.

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