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Course Overview

Under the direct supervision of a journeyman or master plumber, students will train to install, troubleshoot, and repair internal hot and cold water pipe work, sanitary fittings and soil and waste pipe work systems, as well as, commercial and industrial gas-fired heating systems. Students will learn to install and repair pipes, fittings, fixtures and other plumbing equipment used for water distribution, waste water disposal and venting in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. Students who complete the required coursework and earn the required on-the-job training hours will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, as well as, the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).


This course provides students with an understanding of basic Plumbing Theory.  It includes and understanding of tools, materials, and joining methods used in the trade.  Students will explore various types of water and gas distribution systems. Plumbers maintain the flow and drainage of water, air, and other gases by assembling, installing, and repairing pipes, fittings, and plumbing fixtures districtwide. Maintain and provide for the safe condition and operation of all plumbing systems.

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