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Course Overview

Automotive Technology offers students advanced technical training as well as comprehensive general education in Automotive Systems including: Brake Systems, Electricity & Electronics, Steering, Suspensions & Alignment, and Engine Performance. Students enrolled in our program will receive informative knowledge able to succeed as an entry level associate in the Automotive Industry.

Brake Systems

Brake System Components • Brake Hydraulic System • Brake Fluid Lines • Wheel Bearing Systems • Parking Brake Operation • ABS Components, Operation & Diagnosis • Power Brake Unit Operation, Diagnosis • Disc Brakes • Drum Brakes

     Contact Hours: 180 Hours

Engine Performance:

Service Information • Environmental & Hazardous Materials • Gasoline Engine Operation • Diesel Engine Operation • Fuels • Cooling System Diagnosis • Intake & Exhaust System • Ignition Systems • Oxygen Sensors • Fuel Injection Components • Throttle Position Sensor

     Contact Hours: 225 Hours

Northern Marianas Technical Institute