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Course Overview

Automotive Technology offers students advanced technical training as well as comprehensive general education in Automotive Systems including: Brake Systems, Electricity & Electronics, Steering, Suspensions & Alignment, and Engine Performance. Students enrolled in our program will receive informative knowledge able to succeed as an entry level associate in the Automotive Industry.

Brake Systems:

Brake System Components • Brake Hydraulic System • Brake Fluid Lines • Wheel Bearing Systems • Parking Brake Operation • ABS Components, Operation & Diagnosis • Power Brake Unit Operation, Diagnosis • Disc Brakes • Drum Brakes

     Contact Hours: 200 Hours

Engine Performance:

Service Information • Environmental & Hazardous Materials • Gasoline Engine Operation • Diesel Engine Operation • Fuels • Cooling System Diagnosis • Intake & Exhaust System • Ignition Systems • Oxygen Sensors • Fuel Injection Components • Throttle Position Sensor

     Contact Hours: 330 Hours

Steering, Suspensions & Alignment:

Service Information Tires and Wheels Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Suspension System Components Front and Rear Suspension Service Electronic Suspension Systems Steering Columns and Gears Alignment Diagnoses and services Wheel Alignment Principles

     Contact Hours: 200 Hours

Electricity & Electronics:

Environmental & Hazardous Materials Electrical Fundamentals Series & Parallel Circuits Automotive Wiring & Wire Repair Electronic Fundamentals Computer Fundamentals Battery & Battery Testing Cranking System & Cranking System Diagnoses Charging System & Charging System Diagnoses Airbag & Pretensioner Circuits

     Contact Hours: 280 Hours

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