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Course Overview

Welding will allow you to become an asset in the Construction Industry with a focus in the welding aspect. It will start with a prerequisite class that teaches the basics for the construction trade then focus on welding basics, safety and materials, and lastly understand the welding principles and dynamics. With the guidance of our industry professionals, students will take a test at the end of each class to become certified by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), which is recognized nationally in the United States.


Basic Safety • Introduction to Construction Math • Introduction to Hand Tools • Introduction to Power Tools • Introduction to Construction Drawings • Basic Rigging • Basic Communication Skills • Basic Employability Skills • Introduction to Materials Handling

     Contact Hours: 85 Hours

Welding Level 1:

Welding Safety • Oxyfuel Cutting • Plasma Arc Cutting • Air-Carbon Arc Cutting & Gouging • Base Metal Preparation • Weld Quality • Equipment & Setup • SMAW (Electrodes) • SMAW (Beads & Fillet Welds) • Joint Fit-Up & Alignment • SMAW (Groove Welds with Backing) • Open-Root Groove Welds (Plate)

     Contact Hours:: 285 Hours

Welding Level 2:

Welding Symbols • Reading Welding Detail Drawings • Physical Characteristics & Mechanical Properties of Metals • Preheating & Postheating of Metals • GMAW & FCAW (Equipment & Filler Metals) • GMAW (Plate) • FCAW (Plate) • GTAW (Equipment & Filler Metals) • GTAW (Plate)

     Contact Hours: 227.5 Hours

Welding Level 3:

SMAW (Open-Root Pipe Welds) • GMAW (Pipe) • FCAW (Pipe) • GTAW (Pipes) • GTAW (Low Alloy and Stainless Steel Pipe) • SMAW (Stainless Steel Plate & Pipe)

     Contact Hours: 370 Hours

Welding Level 4:

GMAW (Aluminum Plate) • GMAW (Aluminum Pipe) • GTAW (Aluminum Plate) • GTAW (Aluminum Pipe) • Soldering & Brazing 

     Contact Hours: 172.5 Hours

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