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Course Overview

Culinary Arts will allow you to see food from the beginning. It will teach the fundamentals, foundations, basic cooking and an internship to prove it all. The course will elaborate the importance of the history of cooking so you can succeed in the modern era. All is taught from Sanitation and Culinary Math to Knife Skills and Fabrication. With the experience of skilled chefs, this class will allow you to succeed in the Culinary Industry.

Culinary Arts Level 1:

History of Food Service • Safety & Sanitation • Tools & Equipments • Culinary Math & Menu Costing • Basic Nutrition • Basic Cooking Principles & Methods • Basic Knife Skills

     Contact Hours: 116 Hours


Upon completion of  Culinary Arts Level 1, students will intern at a commercial operation that will take on an entry level position with one of our partners on the island, allowing our Culinary Students to gain their first steps into our culinary industry. Internship will start simultaneously with Culinary Arts Level 2. Must be completed within a seven month period.

     Contact Hours: 240 Hours

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