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Course Overview

Masonry will allow students to become an asset in the Construction Industry with a focus in the Masonry aspect. It will start with a prerequisite class that teaches the basics for the construction trade then dive further into using materials and equipment, understanding and creating layouts, and taking the knowledge gained to practice working safely. With the guidance of our industry professionals, students will take a test at the end of each class to become certified by the National Center for Construction Educations and Research (NCCER), which is recognized nationally in the United States.


Basic Safety • Introduction to Construction Math • Introduction to Hand Tools • Introduction to Power Tools • Introduction to Construction Drawings • Basic Rigging • Basic Communication Skills • Basic Employability Skills • Introduction to Materials Handling

     Contact Hours: 85 Hours

Masonry Level 1:

Introduction to Masonry • Masonry Safety • Masonry Tools & Equipment • Measurements, Drawings, & Specifications • Mortar • Masonry Units & Installation Techniques

     Contact Hours: 122.5 Hours

Masonry Level 2:

Residential Plans & Drawing Interpretation • Residential Masonry • Reinforced Masonry • Masonry Openings & Metalwork • Advanced Laying Techniques • Effects of Climate on Masonry • Construction Inspection & Quality Control

     Contact Hours: 152.5 Hours

Masonry Level 3:

Elevated Masonry • Specialized Materials & Techniques • Repair & Restoration • Commercial Drawings • Estimating • Site Layout (Distance Measurement & Leveling) • Stone Masonry • Fundamentals of Crew Leadership

     Contact Hours: 200 Hours

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